Isamu’s Caprice


Indiana limestone


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One evening, after ballet class, I was wandering back to my car when I encountered a group of people banging on stones. Closer inspection landed me right in the center of a stone-carving class. The instructor, a brilliantly talented (and as luck would have it, engaging) woman named Nizette Brennan, encouraged me to try her class.

She began teaching me hand-carving techniques and then soon introduced me to pneumatic carving. Isamu’s Caprice is the result. From a block of Indiana limestone emerged this capricious sculpture can be rotated into a variety of positions, offering multiple aesthetic opportunities for consideration.

A few days after its completion, I showed a photo of this piece to a friend who marveled at its similarity to works by Isamu Noguchi. When I mentioned this to Nizette, she smiled beautifully, knowingly. She had been taught by Noguchi himself.


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