Bronze, poured at New Arts Foundry in Baltimore, MD.

The timeless iconography of angels and serpents combines to illustrate Maimonides’ philosophy that man is a scale—equally balancing good and evil. The divine armament of wings for the serpent disrupts pure revilement, as the beady glare of the snake renders sinister the wings. This balance allows reconciliation of dissonance, creating beauty in its wake, a beauty that underscores the truth: good without evil—light without dark—is indefinable, indeed, possibly non-existent.

Clothing the bird-like serpent in vestiges of Winged Victory (finished with a touch of Duchamp) humanizes the creature, making us look into our own souls for the truth that lies within. As Solzhenitsyn declared, “the battle line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.” Some days play host to battles; others, mere skirmishes. Never is there a victor.


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